Bilevelup is your one-stop platform for business management.

business management

Our CRM was purposefully designed with small business owners in mind. It empowers your sales teams to leverage AI for automating follow-up tasks, increasing client conversions, and fostering seamless collaboration among team members.
By enabling your sales representatives to set reminders, take bulk actions on emails, SMS, and voicemail, while providing real-time access, our CRM helps you save valuable time and engage with your leads more effectively.

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Sales, Marketing, CMS, Project Management & Team Training

Our software was meticulously crafted not only to promote our clients but also to equip them with essential lead management tools, streamlined lead follow-up automation, comprehensive marketing/sales activity reporting, efficient website management, and seamless collaboration on projects we undertake together. We are excited to offer the following features to all users, independent of our marketing plans, ensuring maximum accessibility and flexibility.

Sales CRM

A comprehensive sales CRM solution that covers the entire sales process, offering complete flexibility for customization to perfectly align with your unique business needs.

sales crm

Marketing Automation

Effortlessly streamline your communication efforts with robust cadences and campaigns, automating the delivery of emails, SMS messages, and voicemails.

marketing automation

Voice & Messaging

Benefit from the inclusion of integrated VoIP lines within the system, providing a range of features such as voice calling, SMS messaging, MMS, IVR auto attendant, and call forwarding.

voice and messaging

Sales Pipelines

Efficiently manage your finalized transactions by utilizing customizable pipelines, ensuring that you never overlook any potential opportunities.

sales pipelines

Websites, Landing Pages & Blogs

Effortlessly create visually stunning websites, landing pages, and blogs using a user-friendly CMS specifically designed to enhance SEO.

website design lading page

Lead Generation Forms

Generate personalized lead capture forms that can be seamlessly embedded on both internal and external websites of your choice.

lead forms

Project Management

Establish projects of varying complexity for internal operations, enabling seamless collaboration among your teams.

project mangement

Team Training & Client Portal

Develop tailored training courses for your teams and offer a personalized portal for your clients to enhance their learning experience.

team traning